HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast is known as London’s only war ship and is a unique 'living' museum that has captured the essence and atmosphere of daily life on board during the Second World War.

Britain's Naval Heritage

A unique historic reminder of our naval heritage. Visitors can learn of the hardship, bravery and comradeship of the men who fought for their country in some of the most difficult conditions, both on deck and below deck, living in confined spaces in tightly packed hammocks during duties in Arctic waters.


All areas of the ship can be explored - from the Quarterdeck and the Bridge, the crew accommodation, operations room, the boiler and engine rooms and even the explosives room – all very cleverly staged to show how it must have felt to be on board while supporting Allied troops on D-Day. This vast cruiser was launched in 1938, opened to the public in 1971 and is one of London’s most fascinating landmarks.

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