Potters Fields Park

Potters Fields Park is the capital’s most popular riverside public open space, right next to More London and Tower Bridge and is one of the few remaining green open spaces along the riverside.

The Park Origin

The park has many links with the past, its name having two origins. It was once the site of a pottery that manufactured English Delftware and ‘Potters Fields’ were also traditionally cemeteries for paupers; the park was once a graveyard with several burial sites. The gravestones can still be seen at the Tooley Street entrance to the park.

Landscape Design

Now matured into sweeping expanses of grass, whispering trees, quiet walkways, raised vegetable beds and a colourful herbaceous garden, which provides an oasis of peace where visitors can picnic, play and relax.

For further information: www.pottersfields.co.uk

"With 13.5 acres on the River Thames, opposite a world heritage site, More London demonstrates a fantastic opportunity to create a new style of working community in Central London."

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