Tower Bridge

The spectacular Tower Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world and overlooks More London, HMS Belfast, The Tower of London and the River Thames, and is open to the public.


Constructed in the 19th century as a working split bridge with raised bridge decks, Tower Bridge remains a working bridge and allows access to boats and ships beyond the Tower of London, it was hailed as a Victorian engineering marvel.


Visitors to the historical bridge can also visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition where they will learn about the inner workings of the bridge, and see the Victorian steam engines that were used to power the bridge lifts in the colossal Engine Rooms. The exhibition also offers stunning views from the high-level walkways, providing a unique view of the river and a range of London’s most extraordinary landmark attractions that can be seen on either side of the river such as Monument.

For further information:

"With 13.5 acres on the River Thames, opposite a world heritage site, More London demonstrates a fantastic opportunity to create a new style of working community in Central London."

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